About the Project

OPERATOR will develop a set of tools for risk exposure data analysis in the workplace, building on the concepts of Positive Ergonomics, Operator 4.0 and the Job Quality Indices by the Eurofound.

The project aims at developing a technology framework which combines ubiquitous human movement tracking with worker self-reported endpoints for a holistic Digital Twin representation of shop floors. The framework will collect and monitor data regarding workers’ activity and wellbeing on two different levels: 

Individual Level

Automatic and self-reported data collection of ergonomic and cognition (such as workload, skills and discretion, career prospects and earnings) through wearable and personal technologies.

Environmental Level

Data concerning the organization through automatic and self-reported data collection (such as vibration, temperature, humidity and pressure).

Expected Impact

The project’s objective is to approach the Industry 4.0 workplace holistically but from the workers’ point of view. OPERATOR’s framework will enable the continuous monitoring of all the necessary variables for work study, job quality and mental health metrics to offer:

→ Faster, accurate and ubiquitous digitalisation of work study, promoting continuous awareness of the interaction between the worker and his workplace; 

→ Self-reporting to digitalise the assessment of job quality indices through personal and ubiquitous technologies designed with and for the worker;

→ Oversee tasks execution and implement adequate strategies to prevent workers from performing incorrect movements or sitting for long periods, reducing potential health issues and improving job efficiency.



Zenithwings, Fraunhofer AICOS, LIBPhys-UNL (FCT Nova), Volkswagen Autoeuropa, NST Apparel Lda, FPCEUP, Controlconsul, Universidade do Minho, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) at MIT.

Supported by MIT Portugal under the 2019 Open Call for Flagship Projects for the research of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

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